Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK


Why More Canals than Venice? It is a common saying in the area, and is taken as fact, that Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice. Apparently Birmingham has about 35 miles, whereas Venice has approximately 26.

Birmingham rarely boasts its achievements and should be more proud of itself. Some Brummies, are sick of the city being berated. We find it so frustrating that some of the wonderful things happening in Birmingham seem to constantly go under people’s radar. We hope to highlight some of these things.


Who is More Canals than Venice?

Editor: PixieSixer ~ Annabel –  Shiner of bright lights onto under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham. Mostly found in and around events in Brum or on her modest vegetable plot. Freelance arts marketer and project manager.

I also compile the Turning Point West Midlands Artists’ News and Opportunities Bulletin  highlighting opportunities and West Midlands-centric visual arts events – sent out every three weeks.

As well as writing More Canals than Venice I have:

> Contributed to Area Culture Guide – special edition commissioned by Visit Birmingham for Birmingham’s 2010 bid for City of Culture.

> Tips on what to do in Birmingham for Red magazine’s blog.

> Interviewed for the The Sydney Morning Herald on why people should visit the second city.

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