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Little Shining Man – Honda and Birmingham

Little Shining Man 12

If you want the seemingly unbuildable built then Queen & Crawford are who you need to call. Based in Minerva Works on Fazeley Street in Digbeth they have worked on lots of projects you may know and remember… they designed/built the Their Wonderlands cardboard labyrinth at mac, the studios within Grand Union and put together the staging for Dachshund U.N. outside Ikon at Fierce Festival…to name a few….

In 2011 they designed, built and helped fly a kite for  Ivan and Heather Morison called Little Shining Man. The kite was built using a system of components designed by the company. The flight was filmed and became something of a viral sensation.

On New Year’s Day a new Honda advert premiered in the US and guess what? Queen & Crawford’s kite has been included, apparently a great inspiration for Japanese car designers. A stunningly beautiful object built and designed in Birmingham.

The advert can be viewed below:


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