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Fierce 2012

Fierce Festival‘s programme is now online and I’ve had a great time looking at what’s on this year…

I have previously written about Bennett Miller’s Dachshund U.N. 47 dachshunds from across the country will converge in Birmingham for a playful (and I’m sure chaotic!) recreation of the United Nations’ Committee for Human Rights.  It has been confirmed that the performance will take place outside Ikon Gallery in Oozells Square on Saturday 31 March at 1pm. Footage of the 2010 performance in Melbourne can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/DachshundFierce

I haven’t watched Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film The Holy Mountain (1973), but a friend told me that it was a cult favourite at her university. Birmingham-based artist Harminder Singh Judge has based a night at PST on the film, an elegy to the excesses and the spiritual awakening of the time. Fierce are famous for their parties and it sounds like this one won’t disappoint. Expect live performances and music from the enigmatic Oni Ayhun – one half of the Knife. The night is on Saturday 31 March and tickets can already be bought here.




It’s great when you build such a relationship with festivals and organisations that you trust them to introduce you to things you know you’ll love. Secret Show will be one of those occasions. Capsule and Fierce have come together and are asking you to sign away one night of your life away to them. Once booked, you will be given a phone number and will agree on a place in central Birmingham to be picked up. You will then be blindfolded and whisked away to top-secret location for a night to remember! Tickets can be bought here.

If you enjoyed Cum Clubbing, Get Bent and BANG BANG at VIVID you are sure to love Shabba Dabba Da. The London club night heads up north on Friday 6 April for a very special Easter edition. Organised by Coverntry-born Daniel Lismore, (according to Vogue, ‘London’s most outrageous dresser’) you should expect an evening of an outrageous, sacrilegous Good-turned-bad Friday night of adventure. ‘One for voyeurs and those who crave immortality through iconography. . . expect DIY high fashion dressing up, bad nuns and twisted Madonnas. Fierce will be running its own glam beauty parlour for those who need dolling up. Paparazzi will be roaming the dancefloor. The best outfits make the final cut film of the night. ‘ Wow! The night is at the Q Club and tickets can be bought here.

Once again the festival’s hub will be based at VIVID. The space will feature film screenings, food, drink and merchandise.  The Haircut Before the Party will also be on hand giving free haircuts to those who engage them in a conversation about politics. For some reason I’m envisioning Edward Scissorhands-esque creations. Fantastic!

The full festival programme is now up on the website. Tickets for all events can be book now.


One comment on “Fierce 2012

  1. thewienertakesitall
    February 22, 2012

    Me and my Dachshund are hopefully going to be part of the UN! Can’t wait!

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