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Tell Me On A Sunday

I have been asked to live blog Tell Me On A Sunday today at Café Ikon, the first of a series of storytelling sessions on a theme from real life. It’s a collaboration between Ikon and The Birmingham Book Festival (a project of Writing West Midlands). Today’s theme is ‘Off the beaten track’ and the guest storyteller Peter Chand.

The event starts at 4pm with Story Supper, a chance to meet fellow audience members and story tellers over a special Café Ikon menu. Performances commence at 5pm, finishing at 6.30pm. It’s absolutely free but I know I will be tempted by the Cafe Ikon food. Nom.

Please note the events are intended for adult audiences. Places should be reserved by calling Ikon on 0121 248 0708. Maybe see you later :)

16.55 Café Ikon is packed. There’s a great buzz in the place. Just finished my Story Supper of wild mushrooms with sundried tomatoes. Lovely and garlicky, something I’ve missed having had 3 dentists appointments this week! Lots of other people taking advantage of the special menu too.

17.05 Cat Weatherill, the curator of todays session welcomes the audience. 5 storytellers today, all short personal stories on the theme of ‘Off the beaten track’. Cat regails a story of living off the beaten track  in Wales. A moving  tale of when her ex-husband suffered a heart attack in a such a remote location.

17.12 A humorous tale of love and going out with a string of ‘Bruised blondes’ from South African storyteller Gavin Young. Eventually he finds ‘the one’ person who fits – a lively brunette. Awww.

17.20 Next up Tessa Kate Lowe, ‘erstwhile lunatic and gardener’. Disturbing, engaging and fairytale-like story about herself as a child in a competition to finding the biggest, tallest and juiciest sugar cane in Durban. Moral – listen to mother!

17.30 Catriona Heatherington next,

a member of the ‘Army of the Broken-hearted.’  The importance of getting to know people off the beaten track to break down barriers, in this case,  cultural.

I’ve travelled from the depths of Wales to South Africa and tombs in Egypt in half an hour! Now dessert!

18.00 Peter Chand next, director of Festival at the Edge. We are now traveling to a new land, by boat to Britain from the Punjab. A 21 day journey from the Punjab to Wolverhampton! How food means home and also about food communication problems between French and Indian cuisine.

18.06 Brazilian storyteller Ana Lines now. ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’  Moving tale of encouraging her dyslexic son to read, resulting her becoming more outgoing and able to tell stories in front of an audience.

18.15 Tales of family reunions in Yellowstone Park from A. Ryan Jones. A boy getting too close to a buffalo with tragic consequences. The importance of learning to respect nature.

A lovely evening with such variety. I have travelled the globe in an hour and had a wonderful insight into other people’s experiences and worlds.

There are three more events coming up and storytellers are needed. If you would like to take part get in contact with Birmingham Book Festival.

Sunday 25 March – Theme: Hope and glory

Sunday 22 April – Theme: Feathers and bones

Guest storyteller: Katrice Horsley

Sunday 27 May – Theme: Secrets and Lies


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