Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

Flatpack Festival 6

A few of the highlights from this year’s Flatpack Festival have been announced. Having looked at the website, here are a few things that I will be most looking forward to:


The Point! (1971) as part of 16mm Cartoon Rock

I love the music of Harry Nilsson and 70s tripping cartoons so this is right up my street…

In a land where everyone and everything has a point, the birth of a pointless child throws the kingdom into an existential crisis. The young Oblio is banished to the Pointless Forest with his pet Arrow. On their journey they meet a bizarre stable of characters, and discover that sometimes the most seemingly pointless things are the most integral to human existence.


Flatpack’s big Saturday shindig in partnership with Capsule. Live music comes from Pontiak and White Hills. Expect a pychedelic night to remember with oil wheels, super8 footage and all sorts of kaleidoscopic trickery.

The Icebook

A beautiful, intricate show tailor-made for Flatpack. Inspired by magic lanterns and Russian fairy tales, an amazing show has been produced for an audience of ten played out in a miniature model. The show combines pages of intricate cut-out, pop-up magic with a clever blend of magnets, lighting, green-screen and projections.

Tickets for the events above, and a few other highlights are already available. Get ’em while they’re hot!


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