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September Sessions

It isn’t just OxjamBrum who have been putting on barge-based performances of late. Ikon Gallery have once again taken to the Birmingham waterways with Slow Boat. As part of a wide range of activities with their youth programme, they present a series of performances with local artists. September Sessions are live field recordings of the artists on the Slow Boat. A very limited amount of people can also join these sessions.

I was invited last Wednesday to the first session with Poppy Tibbetts and Timothy Parkes. It was a lovely trip down the canal. The music complimenting the surroundings perfectly. I enjoyed watching walkers, runners and cyclists peer into the boat curious to what was happening. I look forward to hearing the recordings.

September Sessions continue every Wednesday for the rest of the month with great and well known local acts. Contact Ikon directly to book a place but please note that they are aimed at those who are interested in joining the Ikon Youth Programme 2011/2012. If you’re aged 15-19 and interested in going into the arts, I do recommend the programme. It’s a fantastic foot in the door of the art world.


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