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Desert Island Life

This is not a post about the desert island you must think I’ve been living on since February…

Over the next month, in a rare occasion that Birmingham is included in such national campaigns, fashion label Diesel host a series of events as part of the Diesel School of Island Life, a ‘series of lessons, field trips, screenings & parties featuring inspiring industry experts and pioneers from creative and cultural fields’.

Birmingham events kick off this Saturday with ‘How To Launch An Island Postal Service With Pigeons‘ with Project Pigeon at their new loft on Milk Street. Co-curators Alex and Ian will show you how to build a pigeon loft and train pigeons to be messengers. You will also be able to write messages that will then be attached to the pigeons for a live pigeon release.

If you are able to pick your way through the rubble and armed mercenaries, Thursday 12 May brings a ‘Post-Apocalyptic Walk-in Movie‘ curated by Flatpack Festival. The evening will feature a talk on foraging in the city and tasting session with Tom Baker of LOAF community bakery. Last August I went on a wonderfully fun and informative foraging course with Tom, and I look forward to some tips on Spring city pickings.

There will be lots of dystopian fun to be had with informative shorts from the atomic age and complementary moonshine. A classic post-apocalyptic movie will be showing outdoors – acid rain permitting of course. I’ve been debating what could be screened. Watching ‘Wandering through the Future‘ by Marjolijn Dijkman at Spike Island last weekend gave much food for thought, but I’m still hoping for Mad Max 3 – Beyond Thunderdome! Yeah!

An Island Disco on Friday 20 May sees Joker & Mc ScarzTotally Enormous Extinct DinosaursMumdance, Moschino Hoe Versace Hottie and Chicks Dig Jerks play the Old Church at the Custard Factory.

After a successful show at the Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House, Birmingham-based collective Them Lot present ‘Their City‘ later in the month, featuring a cardboard city precariously built in the shadow of a volcano. In a series of workshops,  participating groups of Islanders will be able to add to the city and leave their mark on the landscape, learn stop frame animation processes, and make a film on the island with members of the collective.

To round off the series, the illusive musician and producer Mr Hudson will give a talk at the Custard Factory.

All events are free, but in order to attend you need to grab an Island passport from your local Diesel outlet, in Birmingham on Lower Temple Street here or their concessions in Rackhams (a.k.a House of Fraser) or Selfridges.


3 comments on “Desert Island Life

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  2. chris murtagh
    May 6, 2011

    To go to the disco at the custard factory you have to attend one of the earlier events- from the facebook page “*To gain entry all you need to do is pop along to the Diesel Store on Lower Temple Street 6-9, House of Fraser Corporation Streetand or Selfridges Bull Ring Store, East Bull Ring Mall to collect your ‘Island Passport’ and then obtain a ‘Island Visa’ by attending one of the Diesel School of Island Life activities (or by making a Diesel purchase instore). “

  3. topperman
    May 6, 2011

    PixieSixer, welcome back, didn’t know what to do with my time without you, so please
    keep up the good work !

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