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BIFS: The Dancing Forest / The Garden

Birmingham International Film Society returns on Tuesday 11 January with two films on agriculture and sustainability:

The Dancing Forest (2008) Dir: Brice Lainé. 6pm

‘Beautiful, fascinating and inspiring documentary bringing alive the vitality of a remote West African village by showing the work of CIDAP. Established in the mid eighties by Séda and Tiyéda Bawiena, who left promising careers in Europe to return to their rural origins, this grassroots African enterprise empowers communities by disseminating new methods of sustainable agriculture anchored on tried and tested methods. After twenty five years Seda prepares to retire and a new generation is set to continue…’

Filmmaker Brice Lainé grew up in Togo and will be present for a Q & A following the screening.

The Garden (2008) Dir: Scott Hamilton Kennedy. 8pm

‘In the aftermath of the South Central L.A. riots of 1992, a community garden was begun to symbolically grow back the unity which was destroyed. After a decade of cultivation and toil, the farmers face an unseen threat – that of business minds who see the 14 acres as a space for warehouses, plus politicians who have been in dialogue without consulting them first. Facing a growing tide, can the farmers save their land? In a classic story of David and Goliath, Kennedy gets under the surface of the community itself to look at the underlying problems.’ 

The screenings take place at the Library Theatre. Tickets £3.50 (£2.50). Special price for both films on the night – £6 (£4).



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