Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

Flatpack highlights

The flyers are slowly making their way into shops, galleries, cinemas and art centers and bits of the Flatpack programme are being revealed.

Highlights include:

  • This year’s celebration of film pioneers past focuses on Birmingham resident Iris Barry (born in Washwood Heath), founder of the Museum of Modern Art’s film archive – featuring a special event exploring her life and legacy, plus screenings of work she preserved – including Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Junior, to be screened at Birmingham Town Hall with live organ by Nigel Ogden. You can read more about Iris Barry on the Flatpack blog.
  • A Vintage Mobile Cinema which will pop up in unexpected places over the city screening shorts, local archive footage and fun family films.
  • The Invisible Cinema – following the success of the 2010 tour of original 1930s art deco Odeons, this year’s heritage offer will bring back to life some of the city’s ex-picturehouses and forgotten celluloid landmarks. Also planned is an exhibition of images from disused cinemas, taken by ‘urban explorers’ under cover of night.
  • Prostitute – on the eve of its re-release, Tony Garnett revisits his 1980 drama Prostitute, partly shot in Balsall Heath, a few years before community action shut down the local red light district.
  • Loft in Translation screenings in partnership with MACE’s Full Circle project, which encourages people to retrieve home-movies from their attics.
  • Archive Revival – Artists and filmmakers who appropriate and repurpose archive material including work by Thom Andersen, Duncan Campbell and Peter Tscherkassky.
  • The festival will present the UK premiere of Shadow Shows, an experiment in surreal horror created by Pram and Film Ficciones.

Flatpack takes place from 23-27 March.The full programme will be announced in February 2011. I can’t wait!


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