Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

Save the Arts

I recently featured the brilliant David Shrigley animation which highlights the importance of the Arts, and argues against the cuts in funding the Tories want to make. If you haven’t watched it, I do recommend it. It would be truly criminal to slash arts funding and destroy the vibrant arts culture in the country.

So, as the Tories are in the city, I though it was important to highlight the Save the Arts campaign again. Artists such as Cornelia Parker (above), Yinka Shonibare, Jeremy Deller and Mark Wallinger have joined the campaign, and designed some great posters for the cause which can be seen on the Save the Arts blog. (…Incidentally, all have had major exhibitions or performances in Birmingham over the last 15 years…)

Mark Titchner has designed a flyer which I have seen on the streets today; I hear distributed by Eastside Projects peeps. They will be by the Central Library tomorrow from 9am distributing flyers and spreading the message. Please pick up a leaflet and support the Arts.

I’ve already signed the Save the Arts petition and you should too. Do it now, before you forget here.


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