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A flock of benches

A new gallery space on the ground floor of Glen Howells Architects, Bradford Street will be displaying an unusual array of knitted benches over the next few days. Nest opens with A Flock of Benches, pieces especially commissioned by Trevor Pitt, the artist who recently put on the amazing Cum Clubbing event at VIVID, and with support from Craftspace.

Over the past year, eight bespoke benches have been handmade by knitting groups across the UK: Birmingham, Bristol, Devon, London, Milton Keynes, Newcastle-Gateshead, Northampton and Talgarth.

Following a set of instructions each bench has been collectively customised by a group using a variety of knitting and felting techniques. The wool for each bench has been locally sourced and chosen to reflect the location and the people creating it. Each yarn has been either hand spun from the fleeces of a local flock of sheep or processed by a specialist small-scale company in the UK.

A Flock of Benches is on display until 1st October and is open from 9am to 6pm daily.


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