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British Science Festival

I have liked the posters for the British Science Festival around the city. They have actually made me think! Although the festival is coming to an end now (it finishes on Sunday), a few interesting events have been pointed out to me within the programme which I felt were worth mentioning:

  • The Machinery – Machine-inspired dance 80 years before Detroit Techno is an award winning contemporary dance piece by Caroline Radcliffe and Sarah Angliss (Spacedog). Their steps mimic mill machines with overwhelmingly rythmic and powerful beats from the mill machines themselves. Although danced a century ago by workers in the mills, the steps seem contemporary, forerunners of today’s machine-inspired dance music. The video above is of an older version of the piece. The performance is at the Library Theatre on Saturday from 1.30pm and is free.
  • Get Your Geek On – ‘Grab your loafers, dust off your horn-rimmed spectacles, don some tweed or floral threads and let your inner geek loose on the dancefloor. Enjoy our interactive dancefloor and lounge with delights including burlesque performers with a science twist, pop up photo booths and costume boxes to let you play at being your ultimate science hero. Dress to impress!’ Aston University Guild Hall, Saturday 8 til late, £5. He he!

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