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Kino 10

This weekend sees the 13th ArtsFest kick off in the city. One of the highlights has to be the ArtsFest Film Strand curated by KINO 10 taking place at The Crescent Theatre. With over 80 short films, a film installation and a £3.5m feature film, it will no doubt be a filmic delight.

As always, the strand tries to cater for all needs, and so this year the programme is split into the following categories:

Saturday (3pm – 9pm)

  • Short Cuts I – an eclectic mix of shorts suitable for all ages (3pm Saturday)
  • Film Installation – wonderful installation by local artist Imogen Hudson showing on both the Saturday and Sunday at about 3:40pm
  • Flip Presents… – a selection of films from last year’s international animation festival, Flip. (4:15pm Saturday)
  • Modern Documentary – an hour’s worth of fascinating documentaries ranging from an examination of the falling numbers of the red squirrel to the amazing story behind Athlete’s Black Swan Story. (5pm Saturday)
  • KINO Taboo – a selection of evocative films that explore themes such as bullying, paedophilia, war, mental illness, murder, and incest. (6:25pm Saturday)
  • Saturday Night Shocks – not for the fainthearted! An hour’s worth of scary spine-chilling, gut-wrenching shorts. (7:45pm Saturday)

Sunday (3pm – 9pm)

  • Short Cuts II – another eclectic mix suitable for all ages to start off Sunday. (3pm Sunday)
  • Film Installation – final chance to see Imogen Huson’s beautiful installation. (3:40pm Sunday)
  • Flip Presents… – more from Flip festival. (4:10pm Sunday)
  • The Comedy Hour – over an hour of brilliantly funny films, featuring a mocumentary about a talking scarecrow, an unconventional instructional video into how to attract women, and a Flight of the Conchords inspired music video. (5:50pm Sunday)
  • The Final Feature – A rare opportunity to see Mark Locke’s £3.5m comedy Crust. So rare are the copies that the only one we could acquire has Japanese subtitles! Crust is a very amusing account of two men’s controversial plan to set up a boxing match with a seven foot shrimp. Bizarre, strangely moving, and very funny. (7:10pm Sunday)

There will also be a showreel of 12 innovative, entertaining, and thought-provoking films playing on loop from 3pm – 9pm in the Café/Bar area of The Crescent.

The Film Strand is a completely free event, so please come down to The Crescent this weekend and see the wonderful eclectic array of films on show.


One comment on “Kino 10

  1. Kirsty E Smith
    September 14, 2010

    Just wanted to say that Kino 10 at the Crescent was really top quality.
    We spent time there watching some shorts both on Saturday and went back on Sunday for Comedy hour and also ‘Crust’.
    Crust has to be seen to be believed. But thank you Mark Locke and Kino 10 for making and showing it. The power of laughter is so healing and being in a room where absolutely everone in the audience were laughing their socks off really was powerful medicine.

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