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Birmingham Zine Festival

Birmingham Zine Festival is this weekend! I have really enjoyed the run up to the event. Their blog has had really interesting interviews with some of the people taking part over the weekend. I haven’t had a chance to see the exhibitions at Urban Outfitters or the Framers yet, but looking at the list of people involved it looks like it is a good’un.

On Friday at the Edge there will be a Film Night with a screening of Joel Biel’s documentary on zines, $100 & A T-ShirtPete Ashton will be talking about the emergence of the small press comics scene in the early 80s and Rob Horrocks shedding light on 80s zine culture, in particular music zines and their influence today.

On Saturday there will be activities at the Victoria, Island Bar and the Get a Grip screen printing studio in the Custard Factory. There will be the zine fair, workshops, animations and live music. In the evening at Island Bar Atta Girl will have their Zine Party. The festival will close on Sunday with a picnic in Cannon Hill Park. See the website for more information.


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