Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

The Terminal Bar

On Friday Trove presents The Terminal Bar, photographs by Sheldon Nadelman.

From 1972-1982 Sheldon Nadelman shot over 2,500 photographs during his stint as a tender in New York’s Terminal Bar, one of the toughest dives on Manhattan’s 8th street. Using his 35mm Pentax camera, he used the natural light available to capture the clientele who frequented the bar. In the ten-year duration of Nadelman’s undertaking, a steady stream of Irish Longshoremen, Pimps, Drag Queens, and African American gay males came through Terminal’s Doors. Nadelman made a point of photographing everybody, without discrimination.

For the first time in the UK, Trove, in association with curator Morgan Quaintance, will be showing 810 Nadelman portraits, alongside interview footage, in which he delves into the particular histories of certain photographs and their subjects.

The Terminal Bar takes place at the Old Science Museum, 144 Newhall Street. The private view takes place from 6-9pm in association with The Birmingham Jazz Festival. The Baghdaddies, Balkanistic boogie dance band, will be performing from 7pm. The show will then be open Saturday 31 July, 7 August 12-4pm or by appointment.


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