Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

Commiserations Birmingham, city of culture.

Last night, Derry/Londonderry was announced UK City of Culture. We already know Birmingham is a city of culture. There is so much happening in the city!

There is no doubt it will be difficult for art/cultural organisations in the city over the next few years, but it can’t be an excuse to not do anything.

It is up to us to change the city and make it a more visably dynamic, creative place. For example, this is an issue that I think must be dealt with and I wish to help out in any way that I can.


One comment on “Commiserations Birmingham, city of culture.

  1. Ian Ravenscroft
    July 16, 2010

    I think that’s the sentiment most people had before the announcement. We generally know as a city the type of things that should be happening regardless of a title and cash injection.

    It’s support – not exclusively in terms of cash, but infrastructure – for the existing independents that will allow cool stuff to keep happening and happen more often.

    Thanks for the link!

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