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Carillon Bells

On Saturday 26 June there is a chance to listen to a very rare performance on a very special musical instrument in Bournville. Minimalist composer and musician Charlemagne Palestine will be performing a piece on Bournville’s Carillon. Palestine was a key member of the 1970s New York music scene alongside composers such as Steve Reich and Phillip Glass. He is known for intense and immersive compositions. He has rarely performed in recent years, remaining largely unknown in the UK until he was invited by Nick Cave to take part in the 7th Meltdown Festival in 1999.

Bournville Carillon is the biggest and finest in Great Britain, consisting of forty-eight cast bronze bells, audible for miles around.  More information on it can be found here.

The piece is a UK premiere of a new composition, presented by Ikon Gallery and co-commissioned with the AV Festival, 2010. The performance will start at noon and last approximately an hour.

If you have never heard a Carillon, above is an example of a student from Yale playing Sweet Child of Mine. Why not?!


2 comments on “Carillon Bells

  1. Dave Harte
    June 21, 2010

    Here’s a couple of videos of the Bournville one in action. There’s the Village Festival on Saturday straight after this so worth coming along for the day.

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