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7 inch Cinema 8bit Special

I admit that I wasn’t too keen on 8bit until I heard the guys from 8bit lounge DJ at the ARC event Art Detection Services curated last month. I am a convert; and look forward to 7 inch Cinema’s latest event on 27 June at the Hare & Hounds.

The night will feature pixelated animation, and music from 8bit lounge DJs, and guest DJ Mike Johnston (Mike in Mono, ZX Spectrum Orchestra). There will be a screening of High Score (dir. Jeremy Mack, 2006), a ‘portrait of one man’s crusade to achieve the all-time high score on the arcade version of classic Atari game Missile Command– a feat which involves two days of solid gaming on one quarter, with no pause button.’ I saw the film at ATP a few years ago. Although I know little about gaming I was transfixed. Such an engaging film and fascinating insight into the gaming world.

The night will also feature highlights from the recent 2 Weeks 2 Make It challenge.

The night starts at 7pm. Entry: £4.


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