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Florian Hecker

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the first show of 2010 at Ikon Eastside with the work of Florian Hecker. Hecker is a German sound artist who, in the past, has worked with musicians such as Aphex Twin.

The show features four electronic sound pieces which question the listeners perception of the gallery space as well as their own bodies. I found the pieces fascinating. They make you realise how sensitive to sound your ears really are. For example, the second piece 2 x 3 Kanal, 2009 consists of  two separate 3 – channel pieces which rotate simultaneously, one clockwise, one anti-clockwise around the three speakers. Quite a mesmerising and disorientating experience. It is marvelous in the true sense of the word. A treat for the ears but could leave you feeling a bit wobbly!

The exhibition continues until 20 June. Ikon Eastside is open Thursday to Sunday 1-5pm.  Admission is free. 


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