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Zine Social

There is a growing zine scene in Birmingham: Gzean, Capsule‘s zine, Dirty Bristow (in the pipeline) and Tits, Brains, Balls to name but a very few. The Birmingham Zine Social Club has arranged a meet up for all Birmingham based zinesters on Saturday 15 May at the Victoria from 1-5pm. A great opportunity to bring your books, comics and zines, meet others and discuss the possibility of a Birmingham zine fair.


2 comments on “Zine Social

  1. Jon Bounds
    May 10, 2010

    While we like fanzines, and will throw support behind the movement, I think Danny & I would say that whatever Dirty Bristow is* it’s not one. It’s taking far too long and costing way too much…

    *we’ve been having a torturous courtship with the term ‘literary magazine’, but feel almost confident enough to kick that in the throat and move on.

  2. PixieSixer
    May 14, 2010

    I look forward to seeing it :)

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