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Under Construction

Under Construction is an exhibition of work from fine art students studying Foundation Art and Design at Birmingham Metropolitan College taking place from Wednesday 12 May to Friday 14 May at The Works gallery. The show is, as the title suggests unfinished work, previous works and works for your concideration. It’s so under construction that I can’t seem to find a picture for it either!

The show will feature the work of Liam Bradnick, Carly Brady, Hannah Breakwell, Hannah Chinnock, Rose Dunne, Claire Fitzpatrick, Josh Hall, Robyn Hope, Sophie Huckfield, Jake Laffoley, Sarah Matthews, Bethan McKnight, Lydia McNally, Hattie Price, Bodean Pye, Nikki Salmon, Helen Shipman and Andrew Warr.

The private view will be 6-9pm on Wednesday 12th May. The Works is at 130 Pershore Street.


2 comments on “Under Construction

  1. Bethan McKnight
    May 10, 2010

    Hello, couple of changes to Under Construction

    We are running 12th-13th May now and the private view will be 6-8pm on 12th may.


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