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Not My Type

Another great exhibition is soon going up in the Created in Birmingham Shop. Not My Type will be a typographical exploration of 26 letters (and a few stray characters) by 35 different illustrators, designers and artists, all displayed as one alphabet. Styles and media will be diverse and will include the work of Jon Burgerman, I Love Dust, Sam Pierpoint, Lewes Herriot, Dan Westwood, members of The Outcrowd Collective, amongst many others.

As curator Charlotte Owen-Meehan says ‘Typography is a pretty ubiquitous element to most design and all forms of communication generally, so it’s something people can identify with both visually, yet unlike most aspects of design, an item that is common to everyday life. The exhibition offers a chance to really look at how the forms and intricacies of these characters can be changed and re-interpreted. ‘

The show will run from 6 May to 1 June. All prints will be available to buy from both the store and through the Facebook group.


2 comments on “Not My Type

  1. none
    May 1, 2010

    Too bad the show at IPS pisses all over this. Weak.

    • Pete Ashton
      May 2, 2010

      Yes, that is too bad, because otherwise… um… hang on, why is it too bad? What are the actual implications of one show pissing all over another? I suspect they might be negligible.

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