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fizzPOP residency at The Lombard Method

fizzPOP is a Birmingham based hackerspace. They host hack sessions every month at the Edge and recently held Theremin Day, a day to make theremins and see performances of the instrument. From 1-16 May they have a residency at the The Lombard Method. They aim to build an improbable Heath Robinsonesque machine reminiscent of the current Ok Go video This Too Shall Pass above. To do this they need your help and would like people to bring in materials. From 12-6pm on Saturday 1 May you will be able to drop off materials to the space and see what ideas they have for the machine.

The kind of things that they will need are:

  • cardboard
  • tubes and drainpipes
  • umbrellas
  • strings
  • springs
  • magnets
  • buckets
  • wheels
  • marbles
  • golf balls
  • footballs
  • balloons
  • plastic sheeting or tapaulin
  • lego
  • any other toys or tracks
  • miscellaneous items and fancy goods

They have asked for ‘random stuff and a willingness to tinker with things until they work’. There will be an open studio event on 16 May to show off the fantastic contraption. It reminds me of Bitsa! I look forward to seeing it.

The Lombard Method, 68a Lombard Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. B12 0QR


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