Highlighting under the radar arts and culture in Birmingham, UK

Richard Heeps

British photographer Richard Heeps is best known for vividly capturing America’s cultural signposts – mom ‘n’ pop stores, motels, cadillacs and diners – in all their faded glory. More recently, he has documented the thriving Americana revival scene at hot rod shows and burlesque performances from Las Vegas to Cambridgeshire, applying his trademark gloss and adding a sense of timelessness to the weekend gatherings of enthusiasts nostalgic for a time they never knew.

From 1 April – 10 May, The Mailbox’s Three White Walls Gallery will exhibit Old England, which sees Heeps look closer to home in a series that revels in the clichés of ‘Britishness’, capturing them anew before they disappear forever.

Concurrent to that show, Wolverhampton’s Light House will exhibit The New Lantern, a deeply personal project for Heeps that follows his wife’s return to her native South Africa for the first time in six years. It highlights the quieter, domestic side of life in a nation viewed as politically unstable and socially tumultuous.

The private view for Old England is on Thursday 1 April from 6.30 – 8.30pm.


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