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Atsuhiro Ito

On Wednesday 10 March Birmingham‘s own ever experimental Capsule present Japanese musician/artist Atsuhiro Ito who will be performing at Vivid. He uses a device he has made called an Optron, fluorescent light tubes with integrated guitar pick-ups which are sent through guitar amp stacks. ‘When a voltage applied to the tubes is altered, the lights flicker and the pick-ups harvest the electromagnetic noise perfectly synchronized with the flickering light. The intense noise creating a visual hallucination and the sounds veering from some kind of extreme techno to outright noise. ‘ Wow.

For his first UK tour, Atsuhiro Ito will be performing solo in a live show that straddles extreme noise and performance art to create a genuine sonic spectacle.

Supporting will be Birmingham circuit benders Windscale and Nicholas Bullen, one of the founders of Napalm Death.

Doors are at 8pm. Tickets can be bought in advance here.


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