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Custard Factory shopping

I’m really looking forward to tenants moving into the front units of the Custard Factory. It’s looking lovely. I went there the other day to have a mooch. One of the shops that I know is moving to the front of the building is Urban Village who are currently situated between the reception and theatre. They are having a relocation sale at the moment and I really enjoyed having a good rummage. I bought a beautiful embroidered blouse for £3 and a dress from one of the other vintage retailers. They have some great dresses there at the moment.

Although Creative Open Workshops (COW) wasn’t open at the time I visited, I noticed they have a Valentine’s Handmade Market this Saturday from 11-5pm. Locals artists and designer-makers will be at COW selling their wares. These include: Bodkin and Bead, Eiriel’s Eclectics, Affinitie Aromatherapy, Gosia Weber – Bags Handmade, Helen Woodward Jewellery, Michelle Parker, Rachel D Warren Jewellery & Beads. Well worth a look. The 13 is also Saturday Flea day, so even more reason to have a peek!


One comment on “Custard Factory shopping

  1. Nicky Getgood
    February 12, 2010

    The Urban Village sale is a good ‘un. I bought a black, 70’s cocktail dress that has a Mrs Robinson look about it (the one from The Graduate, not Northern Ireland).

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