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Liam Gillick ~ Two Short Plays

There are only three days left to catch the wonderful Liam Gillick exhibition/performance at Eastside Projects.  The show comprises of perfomances of short plays; new piece, Lapdog of the Bourgeoisie (2009), a murder mystery set in Eastside Projects, and a restaging of Mirrored Image: A ‘Volvo’ Bar (2008) set in the Volvo Bar a notional Scandinavian workers bar on August 8, 1993, the day before the Volvo car plant closed.

I particularly like the idea of  Lapdog of the Bourgeoisie, a play which is based on an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and set during the night in the main gallery space. ‘Staged as a visit to a critical culture mystery exhibition the shifting set of characters includes The Museum Director, The Art Collective, The Curator, Collector A & B and Liam. The characters are caught in a reality loop only broken by solving the murder that has taken place in the gallery. Birmingham based actors play the characters (who each play fictional ‘mystery’ exhibition characters) in rotation each day in an exhibition staged utilising minimal props, sound and lighting.’ In fact it has inspired me to have a murder mystery birthday party this year :) If anyone knows of any good ones let me know!

The last few performances of the show take place Thursday to Saturday from 2pm.


2 comments on “Liam Gillick ~ Two Short Plays

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