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Raise a glass and a half for Cadbury’s!

As reported by Birmingham based curator Charlie Levine, Birmingham’s own poet laureate, Adrian Johnson, and storyteller, Katrice Horsley are calling for chocoholics to share, eat up and stand up for Cadbury in Victoria Square at 2-3pm on this Saturday 16th January.

The future ownership of Birmingham’s premier chocolate factory currently hangs in the balance. Fingers crossed neither Kraft or Hershey (have you tasted their chocolate?! eugh!) will buy the company. You can find out more about Cadbury’s current plight here.

As Adrian explains: ‘Cadbury’s chocolate and its production in Birmingham is vital to the city and an iconic feature of family life across the UK. We want people to join us for an hour in the city centre and share a story and some Cadbury chocolate with people in the square – chocolate buttons, a crème egg or some dairy milk or a Freddo bar. In this way we simply want to stand up and show our support for the very best possible long term deal for Cadbury employees.’

During the event Adrian Johnson will read a poem written to celebrate Cadbury. There will be a sing along with jingles from classic Cadbury chocolates adverts, a chocolate conga round the square and a sweet swap between members of the public. Come along and bring along your favourite Cadbury’s chocolate! I’ll see you there with a bar of my favourite fruit & nut. Mmm…yum!


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