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Capsule’s 10th Birthday

Last night I went to the first of many gigs to celebrate Capsule’s tenth year of their wonderful existance putting on amazing bands. Playing at Vivid were Monotonix, Beestung Lips and Brian Duffy’s new project Cum Dogs. I was gutted that I missed Monotonix play Supersonic this year. After hearing about their performance, it was great to finally see their raucous selves in the flesh! They moved their kit around the space as far as the mic lead would stretch, Ami Shalev hanging from the ceiling, climbing anything and everything. Water and beer were everywhere. The sound technician had to cover all his kit to protect it from the onslaught. Amazing stuff. My ears are still buzzing this morning. A brilliant start to the celebrations!

Capsule continue with their celebration all through December at various venues across the city. Get your tickets quick! For more information please see my previous post or Capsule’s own website.


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