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The Event weekend

The Family (from the Event Flickr photostream)Over the last two evenings I have sampled special ales in the pubs of Digbeth, listened to a fantastic reading of a nautical novel (suitably in The Anchor Inn), visited promising new art spaces, picked up lots of lovely publications and been guided round the area by Morris dancers. These are all things as part of The Event taking place until tomorrow at various venues around Digbeth/Eastside. Not to be missed. I’m off there again now… :-)


5 comments on “The Event weekend

  1. Nicky Getgood
    November 7, 2009

    The Family were one of my favourites too. Did they offer you a nice, refreshing drink of Kool-Aid?

  2. Antonio Roberts
    November 8, 2009

    Being part of The Family was my highlight for The Event. Kool Aid is surprisingly addictive!

  3. The Family
    November 9, 2009

    Glad you liked The Event, check out our blog if you want to know what we’re up to in the photo

  4. Nicky Getgood
    November 9, 2009

    Sorry, but Kool-Aid is rank.

  5. Antonio Roberts
    November 9, 2009

    I didn’t comment on it’s taste ;-)

    When you’ve eaten nothing but sugar all day it’s a good addition to it.

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