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The Travelling Picture Show

travelling_picture_showOver the Summer The Travelling Picture Show, produced by 7 inch Cinema, has been wending its merry way across the Midlands to show the young and the young the at heart the best children’s films from around the world, inspired by the classic Saturday matinee experience.

On Sunday 25th October, the show returns to Birmingham. The Electric Cinema is hosting a special gala screening for all ages. As well as a selection of some of the most popular cartoons shown during the tour there are a few extra treats:

The Magic Box –World premiere of an animated ‘chain-film’ made by young participants throughout the  tour, facilitated by Claire Evans.

Comedy classics with live accompaniment – pianist Paul Shallcross will be playing along to two great funny films – One Week (1920) starring Buster Keaton, and Big Business (1929) starring Laurel & Hardy as two very persistent christmas tree salesmen.

The last show of the tour takes place from 6- 7.30pm at the Electric Cinema. Tickets are £6 (£3 for under 16s) and can be bought here.


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