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Clickity Clackity Anarchy

Clickety Clackerty Anarchy (piece by Helen Grundy)

Following the worldwide recession there has been a  resurgence of interest in home crafts such as embroidery, dressmaking, knitting and crocheting, skills which have long been regarded as the domain of the domestic and the hobbyist.

These crafts have now entered the artistic mainstream, but are often being subverted from their conventional conservative stereotype, and can take on a more sinister and unpredictable nature.

Artists dealing with this subject are exhibiting work at the School of Art, Birmingham Insitute of Art & Design, Margaret Street from 12th- 22nd October. Among those exhibiting will be Elizabeth Lee, Jasvinder Mehta, Laura Westwood, Holly Elsdon-Smithers, Michelle Munn, Helen Grundy, Anne Guest, Elena Cassidy- Smith, and Rebecca Parkes.

Clickity Clackity Anarchy is open Monday – Thursday 7am-7pm and Friday 8am-8pm. The private view is on Monday 12th October from 6-8pm

If you are interested in these type of crafts why not go to Stitches and Hos held every last Tuesday of the month at the Hare & Hounds.


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