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Birmingham International Film Society

The Grocer's Son

After a summer break, Birmingham International Film Society is back with a great programme of interesting & little seen films. BIFS has regular screenings at the Library Theatre on Tuesdays. Take a look at their website for listings & to join their mailing list for regular updates.

On Tuesday 22nd from 6.00pm there is a double bill of films dealing with rural France. So sit back, relax and pretend you’re in the countryside…

Modern Life (PG)

‘Celebrated photographer and film maker Raymond Depardon spent the last 20 years chronicling a small rural community of farmers in Le Villaret. This documentary shows the ‘old guard’ of dairy farmers, suspicious of outsiders and modernity, continuing their tradition, concerned with survival and the future. We are brought into the farmer’s world with warmth and insight. The film helps to highlight their silent plight in an increasingly faster and indifferent world.’

From 8pm:

The Grocer’s Son(12A)

‘When his father suffers a stroke, Antoine reluctantly returns to his village, having left ten years before to start a new life. Once back, he carries out his father’s work delivering groceries to the villagers, though his blunt manner offends his customers more than he serves them. When his father, who despises him, returns from hospital, the situation derteriorates…This charming film is a portrait of rural life full of sharply observed detail.’

Tickets are £3.50 (£2.50 concessions) and availiable from the Library Theatre on the night. Tickets are availiable for both screenings or for a single screening.


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