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F*ck Buttons

fuck buttons posterNext Tuesday, Fuck Buttons bring their joyful noise to the Hare & Hounds. Louis Patterson reviewed their new single, Surf Solar, in the Guardian at the weekend and labelled it ‘a 10-minute epic of hoover-rave that sounds like the rocket ship finale to My Bloody Valentine‘s You Made Me Realise sweeping through Gatecrasher circa 1998 and turning everyone in it to candy-coloured skeletons.’

Perfect. Their second album, Tarot Sport, is released next month on ATP Recordings and sees Benjamin Power and Andrew Hung further crank their modulators to bliss mode. The tribal shrieks and claustrophobia that haunted the first LP have been exorcised; right now Fuck Buttons, with just two laptops and a box of beaten-up toys, are making complex, galloping, euphoric dance music that references noise bands as much as ambient production. It’s the ideal soundtrack to numerous movie montages: each track builds before hitting and holding an unfathomable, transcendental, theatrical crescendo. And then, in multi-angled slow-motion, Protagonist X turns everyone into candy-coloured skeletons. Well, that’s just one scenario. Sorry, Louis.

Sounds a bit like: Warp records, Lightning Bolt, looking into the sun, loops.

Tickets available from TheTicketsellers .


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