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Sleeve notes

Sleeve notes

Over the last month VIVID has opened up its space and facilities as a platform for social interaction, research, discussion and critique for In Association with…

One of the artists involved in the project, Trevor Pitt has been taking a journey through his formative years in Birmingham, from 1971-1991. He has looked at the spaces where popular culture and the art world have mixed. He will map his ‘flirtations with pop, punk, film, art and cultural theory and chart his personal trajectory from council estate suedehead to disco speed freak, via Hawkwind and Althusser.’

On this  journey, Pitt has been joined by individuals who played a role in shaping the music, fashion and club scenes during the 1970s and 80s. Together they write the sleeve notes, like those inserted into records, to their own lives by mapping the scenes they were a part of.

Trevor Pitt invites you to join him on Friday 18 September at VIVID, 12-5 PM to write the sleeve notes to your own life. Pre-booking is essential. For more information about taking part contact Trevor Pitt. Contact details are here.

VIVID is located on the corner of Heath Mill Lane and Fazeley Street in Digbeth.


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