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Pictorial: Project Pigeon

Pigeon Project

On Thursday I will once again be making my way to The Rea Garden to see Project Pigeon. Pictorial is an exhibition featuring work by Lisa Cheung, Tom Dale, Ole Hagen, Ming de Nasty, Lindsey Seers & Simon Woolham. Alex Lockett & Ian England of Project Pigeon will take their birds to the artists, who will insert specially made artworks into the pigeon’s World War II message tubes attached to their legs. Each artist will be left with instructions explaining how to look after the birds, attach the artwork, and given a release time. The pigeons will carry the commissioned artworks back to The Rea Garden from various liberation points along the Royal Pigeon Racing Association race route.

Back in Digbeth, the audience will watch the exhibition being constructed as each pigeon returns to the loft. In a day-at-the-races style event, the audience will receive a race card and will be able to bet on which bird will have the highest velocity, for the chance to win a syndicate in a Project Pigeon bird, a lucky charm, a speed cake(?!), pigeon memorabilia or other pigeon prizes!

Naturally, this event is subject to the weather & may be postponed if it’s raining. Keep an eye out for updates here.

The opening event start at 6.30pm Thursday 27th August at The Rea Garden. The exhibition continues  Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm until 6th September. Free!

On Saturday 5th September at 7pm Alex and Ian will also be giving a talk about their experience of pigeon fancying, racing, club life, Pictorial, and art.


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