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Music is not pollution

Raise the RoofI am sure you are all aware that The Rainbow pub in Digbeth has been threatened with closure over complaints (nay, one complaint) over noise. The situation is a complicated one, and changing constantly. I will not go into the politics here, however, you can read more into it here, here and listen to the meeting that took place in the Rainbow itself in late June…here. Yesterday Digbeth is Good posted up letters that have been sent to the Abacus residents, from where the original complaint originated.

On Saturday the Raise the Roof Summer Street Festival at The Rainbow will raise funds to install the  sound proofing roof that will enable it to continue.

The Rainbow has appealed to all its supporters to attend this fantastic event which includes the city’s best brands – Bigger than Barry, Atomic Jam, Below, Wobble, Secret Wars and many more. All will be united in having a great time and saving an institution.

Although the Council claims that Digbeth could be the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the city’s Big City Plan, it is willing to strip the area of its creative and vibrant hot spots one by one. How is Birmingham to contend with Manchester, Liverpool or Bristol if venues like the Rainbow are closed?

The short documentary below made by Project X was made recently to detail ‘the shocking way that Birmingham’s vibrant culture is being degraded by the complaints of a vocal minority, poor regulation and lack of awareness’. I think it very important that anyone who cares about Birmingham‘s culture watch the film! The whole situation makes my blood boil.

Tickets for the Raise the Roof Summer Street Festival are £20 and can be bought at the TicketSellers.


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