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Digbeth in Bloom

Green Man in the Custard Factory

Green Man in the Custard Factory

UPDATED: Walking down to the Old Crown for a quick pint, or zooming past Moor Street on the train, you may have noticed the impressive Rhubarb building going up next to the Custard Factory on Heath Mill Lane. The architects responsible for the building, Bryant Priest Newman are having a green wall made for the side of the soon to be completed offices. The wall will be 12m high (three stories of the building) and is a first in Birmingham. It is due to be installed later this month. I look forward to seeing it up! For a sneaky peek go to the Rhubarb blog.

The Custard Factory is also in the process of a facelift. The Old Library and Space 2 will be renovated this summer in order to stay ahead of competition in the city. I have seen bands from Shellac to Fleet Foxes at Space 2  and I hope that they start to be used more for events.  They are both nice little venues.



2 comments on “Digbeth in Bloom

  1. Lorna Parsons
    July 10, 2009

    We’ve been reading your blog with interest – really pleased to see a blog dedicated to Birmingham’s art and culture scene!

    Just a small correction re your latest post…. We are the Architects responsible for the design of Rhubarb in Digbeth and our role also includes the specification of the green wall.

    Black and Ginger are responsible for the branding of the building, along with the advertising. They have had little involvement with the design of the building, but we did use branding colours chosen by Black and Ginger for the coloured panels on the windows.

    We are a Birmingham based practice, and you can read more about us on our website. We have a blog, and you’ll find us on twitter too (@bpnarchitects).

    Right them, off to put Design Week right too. Cheers!

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